Reiki Classes

All Reiki Classes and Individual Sessions are held in Senoia, Georgia, just  one (1) hour Southwest of Atlanta.

Who Can Learn Reiki?  A person does not learn Reiki through long years of study, fasting, meditation or special spiritual practices or by achieving high levels of enlightenment. The ability to receive and use Reiki energy is simply passed on from teacher to student through a specific attunement or initiation process during an in-person Reiki class (not online or from a self-study book which are not recognized as valid by the international Reiki federation). As soon as the initiation takes place, the student is able to use an unlimited supply of universal life force energy from the God Consciousness. So Reiki is easy to learn by anyone who takes a Reiki class and is initiated by a qualified Reiki Master. This is a life-time connection that cannot be undone, regardless of whether the student continues to practice Reiki or not.

How Does One Learn Reiki?  Anyone can learn, receive, and use Reiki healing energy. It is not necessary to have meditated for years or to have become a mystic on a mountain. Reiki is easily learned by taking a class and receiving the initiations from a Reiki Master teacher. However, it is important to note that not all Reiki classes are not created equal. Some Reiki classes are very short and superficial, with the expectation that the student will study and practice the material and techniques on their own; while others are much more comprehensive with full instruction and hands on practice; and still others are anywhere outside or in between. Before one signs up for a class, it is important to find out at least three things: 1.Who is the teacher (i.e. their experience practicing and teaching Reiki, their style of Reiki, their lineage)? 2. What does the class include (i.e. system, orientation, content, hours of instruction and hands-on practice, manual, certificate)? In other words, what experience, knowledge and skills will you have when the class is over? 3. Energetically, ask yourself, “what feels right for me?” When you find the right teacher, register for a scheduled class as soon as possible. This is the third part of manifesting your desire to learn Reiki (thought, word, deed).

Reiki is generally taught at three levels: Reiki I, Reiki II, Reiki III (Master level), although some systems, like the one I teach, split Reiki III level into two parts, a one day Advanced Reiki Training and two-day Master class, which is most often taught as a three-day intensive.

The initiation process is a deeply personal, profoundly healing experience that awakens the student to the wisdom and love of the Higher Power. Thereafter, the development of skills and sensitivities to the application of this healing system is up to the individual practitioner through intention and daily self-practice.

Reiki Classes:

Reiki I should provide a solid overview of the origin and history of Reiki, the nature of Reiki energy, what causes sickness, what Reiki is and how it heals; discussion of the Human Energy Field, Gassho meditation, the complete hand placement system, and Japanese healing techniques; and must include the Reiki I Placements (initiations) and hands on practice for healing self and others. After initiation, the student is immediately able to transmit Reiki from their hands. The student should also be able to feel the flow of energy.

Reiki II should provide a thorough understanding of three Reiki healing symbols, their meaning, their frequencies, and their uses; additional Japanese healing techniques and meditations that balance and clear the energy channels and connect them to the unlimited flow of Reiki energy; and must include the Reiki II Placement/initiation and hands on practice using all symbols and distant healing. Students try to discern the different feel of each symbol’s energy as it flows through them.

Reiki III should prepare the Reiki practitioner to do the work of a Master practitioner and teacher. Those who want advanced training and Placement, and the use of the powerful Master Symbol, but do not wish to teach Reiki, may take Advanced Reiki Training by itself. Those who want to teach will go on to the Master training to learn how to give each of the Placements and Holy Fire ignitions for the appropriate levels to their future students. They are also oriented to becoming a true Reiki Master. Most students will take the entire 3 day Master class to be complete in their training and gain the most benefit from their practices.

Karuna Reiki© should prepare the Reiki Master for the truly compassionate action that the word Karuna embodies. Instruction includes practitioner and Master Ignitions and the use of eight Karuna symbols and two Master symbols for profoundly deeper healing on the emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Prerequisite is Usui/Holy Fire Master class.

Classes are open to Practitioners of other Reiki Styles and Traditions
Any person who has had a Reiki attunement in-person by a qualified Reiki Master is welcome to take my Usui/Holy Fire classes. Reiki Masters from other styles (who have received their attunements in-person by a qualified Reiki Master) and want to learn and practice Holy Fire Reiki may also take my classes. Anyone who has taken an online or book class will have to register for Usui/Holy Fire Reiki I & II

Know Thyself Healing Center currently offers the following classes:
Usui/Holy Fire II Reiki I & II; Usui/Holy Fire II Advanced Reiki Training (ART)/Master training; Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki

What does a Reiki class cost? Reiki I&II 2-day class is $350; ART/Master 3-day class is $850; Karuna Master 3-day class is $850

***Use the Reiki Classes pull-down menu to click on Class Schedule or the individual class level you seek for full class description, registration and payment.