When it comes to a massage, Diana Charles gives the best massage one could ever want.  Any aches or pains prior to the massage are gone when I leave. And, the hot stones are great! Nothing is more relaxing!

Dawn R.

The pre- and post-massage consultations alone are worth the fee that you charge. Your knowledge of your craft, wrapped in your care for your “patient-client” is therapeutic in and of itself. How you use the information gathered during the talk is priceless. Thank you for introducing me to true massage therapy. After our last session, I was so relaxed yet so energized. I often wondered what inspired the name of your business, Know Thyself Healing Center. Now I know for myself and look forward to recommending your services to others.

Ingrid R.

I have found no one as effective in all ways as you are.  No one. My praise is heartfelt.  Your presence as a massage therapist is awesome and I seldom use that adjective since I really do honor the deep meaning of awe.

Mary G.

I’ve been lucky enough to travel all around the world and discovered many years ago that having a good massage shortly after arriving in a new time zone is very helpful in overcoming jet lag. I’ve had great massages abroad and at home, but not a one anywhere compares to the “integrative massage” that Diana Charles offers at Know Thyself.

I started a regular series with Diana last year on New Year’s Eve day as a treat to myself. Pure luck led me to her. The irony is I couldn’t have found better if I’d done weeks of research! I’d requested a “hot stone massage” to help me deal with winter’s cold, and discovered immediately that Diana’s sophisticated take on the traditional hot stone massage was 10 times better than any I’d ever experienced, even those at renowned and luxurious spas. She carries it to a new level.

Diana gets to know who you are and what you need immediately and revisits your situation at every session. She’s intuitive and brilliant at adapting all of her skills including her “healing hands” or Reiki and her other certifications to customize the “treatment” to suit the person she’s helping exactly. Whatever magic it is she does, you leave feeling better physically, mentally and emotionally.

I recommend her constantly to my friends. Gift certificates for her services are now one of my favorite stand-bys. One more recommendation. If you’re accustomed to a one hour massage, try a 90 minute massage instead. An extra half hour makes the total experience much more relaxing and complete. I promise you’ll come away a convert!

Diane R.

Thank you for a wonderful massage the other day! I am so pleased that I have finally found a true therapist as opposed to someone who performs massage and lacks the ability to help heal the body. Your skill and intuitiveness enable me to not only feel relaxed but also help my body restore itself.

Gail G.

Know Thyself Healing Center was one of the most relaxing and fantastic massages that I have ever had. If you don’t try Diana then I am sorry that you will miss out on the same enjoyment that I experienced.

Ed C.

Just want to tell you, Diana, that you are a miracle worker! Something that you did to my arm when I was there Thursday utterly helped me turn the corner on this thing! I went all day Friday without even thinking of my arm, which I haven’t been able to do in months. And it is still so much better — just want to say thank you, cuz, well — that’s just life-altering!

Sandy J.

School Teacher