How do I choose my Reiki Master Teacher and class?
Finding the right Reiki Master to teach and guide you through the process is an important task.
First and foremost, let’s dispel the notion that a “master” must be someone who is spiritually gifted or perfected. A true Reiki Master is in fact on a conscious and often dedicated spiritual journey and uses Reiki as a vehicle, an inspiration, a guide, a practice of healing that informs and enriches her/his life. But she/he is on a journey just like you and there should be no judgment or comparison of the individual’s point of evolution.

A Reiki Master has the credentials, qualifications and experience necessary to impart certain knowledge, initiations or attunements, techniques and orientation of a healer to her/his students. When you search for your Reiki teacher, ask questions about these things.
Look for a Reiki Master who is enthusiastic about teaching the class and who derives enjoyment from sharing knowledge.
You will get a lot of information from the Reiki Master’s website, but I strongly recommend making a call to the Reiki Master directly.

  • Here are some suggested questions:
    “How long have you been practicing Reiki? How long have you been teaching Reiki and at what levels”?
    Experience is a very important qualification. Look for someone who has worked with Reiki energies for more than just a few years.
  • “What style of Reiki do you teach? What is your lineage to the founder of Reiki?”
    There are over 100 styles of Reiki in the world today. If tradition and roots to the founder are important to you, then seek someone whose lineage is closely related to Dr. Mikao Usui, the official founder of Usui Reiki.
  • “How do you describe your approach to Reiki? How do you incorporate Reiki into your daily life?”
    Reiki at the Master level is a way of life, a daily practice which enhances the flow of Reiki energies and an understanding of how the energies can transform a person’s life. Expect information from the Reiki Master that illustrates their daily practice.
  • “What do your classes consist of? Is there a class outline? How long is the class?
    How much hands-on time do the classes allow? What will the class prepare me to do when it’s over?”
  • If your purpose in studying Reiki is to work it into a professional practice or to lay hands on someone other than yourself, look for a class that is thorough and comprehensive.
    You will need to know the history and philosophies of Reiki, the energy bodies and how to access them, the spiritual orientation of the work, as well as healing techniques with adequate time to practice. Be sure the class covers the elements you will need to use in your practice.
  • “Is there a manual to support and expand the things you’ll learn in class? Will you receive a certificate?” A comprehensive and professional manual will inform your practice through all stages of your energy work. It’s important to be able to review the information after your class is done to help you learn detailed information and the basic as well as advanced techniques of Reiki.
  • “How will you support my efforts after the class is finished?”
    Will your teacher receive and respond to emails, texts or phone calls about the questions that you have after the class is done? The nearest, quickest, slowest, cheapest, dearest, or most convenient Master may not be the right person with the right class for you. What does your intuition tell you about what you have just read or heard from the Reiki Master? Listen with an open mind and heart to receive truth that is right for you. Take your time, assess your needs, and trust your instincts!

Am I qualified to learn Reiki?
The answer to this question is a “qualified” YES!

The qualification is a simple one but an introspective one.
Ask yourself, “Do I have the desire to heal myself of those things in my life that no longer serve me“? “Do I sincerely desire to lay healing hands on myself or others with unconditional acceptance, love and compassion?”

There aren’t any other qualifications. You don’t need to be a yogi, a spiritual adept, or a naturally gifted healer. Desire and intent is all that is needed. The attunement or initiation process and Reiki class (taught in person by a qualified Reiki Master, not online or from a self-study book) will teach you the rest.

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